Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{CAMOUFLAGE PARTY} Celebrating a United States Marine

 Wow, it's been so long I've nearly forgotten how to do this!  With a few months away from the kitchen to focus on a semester of rigorous schooling and studying for my other life, I was worried i'd lost my lust for my ever so fancy dessert past.  Needless to say, I've still got it! School's out, and with a little more time on my hands... we threw together a blast of a CAMOUFLAGE PARTY for my sweet United States Marine boyfriend.  Steven served our country and is finally out and happily pursuing his career in fire fighting and paramedic school.  The party was decked out with everything Camo. Literally, (even camouflage toilet paper) everything!  The dessert table was out of sight and made complete with tons of amazing camo sweets too! 
 Using a really great Macbook App I designed this ticket invite to send out to friends and family.  I kindly asked my sweetie to come by in uniform one day and snapped this photo that was used as not only the invitation photo, but enlarged to an amazing 6 foot cardboard cutout that served as the party's favorite photo opportunity! Great Dane Bakery also created this custom fondant camo cake which made the perfect centerpiece on the sweets table and coordinated perfectly with our cupcakes and cake pop's. 
 Having never created anything camouflage before, I was unsure how all of the desserts would turn out.  Butttt....the cupcakes were a piece of cake and turned out great.  (above) We created Chocolate and Vanilla camo cupcakes with a hint of green food coloring. They were then topped with chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter frosting, and finished with a custom USMC fondant topper! When I display Cake Pop's, I always like a little bit of variety in textures.  We created our famous BOLD sparkly Oreo Cake pop's in the classic camo colors and swapped out the lolli sticks for these fun striped ones.  Then, for a smoother look, we also designed these impressive swirled camo confetti cake pop's. They looked so cool and were devoured in a heart beat. I can't wait to try them in other fun color combinations. (below)

The Camouflage theme was carried out poolside too! I borrowed all kinds of USMC and Camo decor from Steven's mom and it gave the party the perfect personal touch.  Striped sipping straws, Jar Head Juice, Ooh-rah Rita's, and Camo Cups were all set up on the bar for guests to enjoy. We also dined on a top secret taco bar - complete with grenade guacamole, blood stripe beans, and devil dog dip! Yumm! The details and planning were endless, but so worth it. We are blessed to live in this wonderful country and even more grateful to have a United States Marine to call our own.
Thank You for serving our country Corporal Lien! 
-- Semper Fi --

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